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Sam K

Sandmusic's resident disk jockey in Philadelphia spins house, trance, electro, techno, breakbeats and ambient music. In addition to hosting a radio show on 91.7 WKDU-FM, he has been featured at local venues Siam Lotus, Silk City, the Khyber and World Cafe Live. Favorite tools include CD-R's, Ableton Live, Traktor and, of course, vinyl records.

Sam K discovered electronic music playing around with cheap Casio synthesizers and listening to Scream Tracker files from computer artists Future Crew. He began DJing in 1997 at Northwestern University's WNUR-FM in Chicago where he hosting late-night sessions focusing on ambient music and film soundtracks. Driving back from class in 2000, he heard a scary bit-reduced breakdown in the middle of a long record and called the on-air DJ to ask what it was. Soon after, he bought his first 12" single: the James Holden remix of Roland Klinkenberg's "Inner Laugh."

Four years later, he bought a pair of SL1210's with savings from working at an ice cream store in Austin, Texas and taught himself to beat-match. Encouraged in part by the many Dutch producers in his record collection, he moved to the Netherlands and spent a year as a student in Amsterdam before a series of unfortunate events left him with no home and little time left for music. In 2005, he reluctantly returned to the United States only to find that most of his musical equipment had been destroyed by a hurricane.

After moving to Philadelphia in late 2006, Sam K joined Drexel's noncommercial radio station WKDU-FM, rebuilt his music studio, and repaired nearly all of his previous music library. Vinyl, as it turns out, is surprisingly resistant to bad weather.

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